Happy Yellow New Year 2019

Hi, folks!

Happy YELLOW New Year 2019!

May Allah SWT listen our pray and touch our hope for a better life in 2019. Amen.

And also ... this is my Kaleitutehskop.

Kaleitutehskop, flash story in pics about me and my life in 2018. Hope you all have your own kalei(yourname)skop. You know, it's simple and fun to make your own kaleidoscope. Just collect your photos throughout 2018 that you post on Facebook or Instagram. Voila! I have Kaleitutehskop, you can alos have yours too. Example: Kaleirisnaskop, Kaleihimawanskop, Kaleievvaskop, or Kakaleivilaskop. The last one is quite unique, huh?

Love you all ...


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