Dewan Redaksi: Rane Hafied, Indah Julianti Sibarani, Meity Iskandar, Eliana Noor

You can’t start to write a reaction write an essay essay or paper awaiting getting read or viewed the topic inside the writing no under 2-3 occasions – the very first time for overall impression, the 2nd and possibly third to consider notes and catch was you didn’t the very first time. Try and list just what the creator within the piece makes. Sometimes, mainly inside the situation of flicks, you might have been requested to cope with very somethings, generally you’ll be reacting for the whole piece. This is when the structural issues can bog you lower.

Pimpinan Redaksi: Salman Faris
Wakil Pimpinan Redaksi: Maria Leonietha

Redaksi Pelaksana
Tekno: Arif Chasan
Travel: Ragil Duta
Lifestyle: Arie Haryana

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